Nike Celebrates 30 Years of Air in Toronto

Celebrating 30 years of Air Max, a customized Nike Air Max bus made its way to Toronto, showcasing the past, the present and the future of Air.

My wife and I lined up for hours on a snowy, bitter cold day outside of Haven Shop for our first glimpse of the Nike Air Max bus.


The decked out bus was outfitted with a number of installations and experiences surrounding the history of Air technology.

We received a history lesson and learned more about the genealogy of Nike’s Air innovation over the last 30 years. At the centre was a display of 30 Air Max 1 grails — one for each year — representing the most coveted silhouettes.  And yes, I checked – I own 9 of the 30 represented on the wall – the Patta’s and the Safari’s to name a couple.

30 Grails on the walls

We played the prize vending machine where we won a limited Air Max pin and narrowly missed winning one of the 30 grails by one person in line. I already had a Sneakeasy ticket, but my wife was dying to win one.

Nike Air Vending machine

Nike certainly knows a thing or two about marketing, and their attention to detail was flawless. From the bubble wrap walls to the retro style prints, every detail was considered and planned out.

Bubble wrap walls

The Sneakeasy event was not only a celebration of the past but an intro to the future, where they revealed the new VaporMax at 1am.

Nike invited five Toronto creators to design five unique spaces dedicated to an iconic Air Max silhouette. The exhibit that stood out for me was the one created by Bryan Espiritu with the Air Max 1. His theme was surrounding the “Tear Down This Wall” quote by Ronald Reagan and had a very urban theme of a wrecking ball crashing through a brick wall.

30 Years of Air





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