Cortez – Can’t beat the Classics!

The Cortez turns 45, and this leather OG colourway hits shelves once again as a tribute to its humble beginnings.

Multiple releases this summer included new colourways and materials leading up to the Cortez Flyknit release on July 15th.

Visit Hypebeast to see the full collection of 2017 Cortez releases.

If you have read the Shoe Dog – Phil Knight, then you will already know what an impact the Cortez had on Nike’s history. Originally released in 1972, the Nike Cortez was the first running shoe designed by Olympic Coach, Bill Bowerman, and after the Olympics was declared to be the “most comfortable shoes ever”.

Pop Culture: Run, Forrest, Run!
The Cortez had an appearance in the iconic 80’s movie, Forrest Gump and is still seen at all the Bubba Gump Restaurants across the US today.

Thanks to Nike Toronto for sending me a pair.




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