These Pendleton Nike IDs have seen their fair share of Utah dirt!

Whenever we go on a business trip, we try and take a couple extra days to explore and see something we have never seen before. So when we had to go to Salt Lake City, Utah for a couple of days, we decided to make the drive down to Moab and see the massive rock formations and arches.

Arches National Park

The red rocks at the Arches National Park in Utah, were the perfect backdrop for the mismatched patterns of my brand new “What The” Pendleton Nike ID Air Max 1s. I quickly discovered that the white sidewalls were no match for the dusty red rocks! Good thing I remembered to put my Sneaky Wipes in my back pack.

Pendleton Nike IDs in Arches National Park Utah

The views from the Ensign Peak Trailhead overlooking the Wasatch Mountain range that surrounds Salt Lake City were impressive.

Pendleton Nike Ids Air Max 1 Salt Lake City

Not sure what these Pendleton‘s will see next, but I am sure it won’t be close to home.

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