Exploring Street Art in Istanbul

I have a certain love of street art, so no matter where I am in the world, I keep my eyes open for graffiti that catches my eye. Our trip to Turkey was no different.

We did zero research before the trip but by just walking up Istiklal Street and around the region of Taksim, we saw the work of many talented artists.

The street art that was the most memorable for me was the collaboration art with the rabbit wearing Nike Air Max.  If you follow me on Instagram, you will understand why it is a favourite.

Street Art Collaboration in Istanbul, Turkey

Not far from the Galata Tower, we discovered a wall created by the super talented “Omeria“. The detail was incredible and the use of colour brilliant. It was the perfect back drop to my Hyperfuse Air Max 1s.

Istanbul Graffiti with Air Max 1s

We were stoked to stumble across one of the famous hipster pandas by Leo Lunatic, and the below photo captures one of Istanbul’s historic landmarks in the background.  The artist likens himself to pandas because they are shy animals who remain distant to people. By painting them on the walls, he helps them to mingle in society. (Read: “Secret of hipster Istanbul pandas solved” to see more of his work.)

Street Art by Leo Lunatic

There was so much to see, with so little time, but we were pleased to see even just a quick glimpse into the local street art scene in Istanbul.


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