My Closet: My Favourite Pick-up of 2017

It’s usually a really hard choice trying to figure out what my favourite pick-up of the year was, but this year Nike made it easy.

Last March the team at Nike Toronto sent over a pair of the 30th Anniversary Air Max 1’s in sport red, the Air Max 1 that started it all.

With the crazy limited packaging, the new shape and the fact that it was a gift from Nike, it made this shoe the easy choice for my favourite shoe for 2017.

With all the news and rumours circling around, I am really curious what 2018 will bring.

Nike Anniversary Pickup Air Max 1


About the 30th Anniversary of the Air Max 1:
Nike celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Air Max 1 by re-releasing the iconic shoe in its original form and colourway. The Anniversary packaging is almost as impressive as the shoe!

Its a window to what is next
The revolutionary sneaker, designed by Tinker Hatfield, was first introduced 30 years ago in a “White and University Red” colourway. It is the first sneaker to feature visible Max Air and was originally released in 1987.

Even after many re-releases and collaborations, it is still highly coveted in the sneaker world.

Nike News (2015):  The Evolution of Visible Air is a good article that visually shows the history of visible air that changed the course of sneakers forever.


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