Everyday Carry: Black and Red

This everyday carry is the one I carry the most often so thought I would start the series off by showing this one.

I use my Coffee Hydro Flask every single day.  And EVERY single day I burn my tongue because my brain just cannot comprehend that my tea will still be hot an hour or two later.

Coffee Hydro Flask

I like the G-Shock GA line 100 due to the rugged looks and the size. The GA’s are 50+mm wide and I like the larger than average-sized watch.  They can also take a major beating and still look brand new. The no slip buttons also make them really easy to use.

G-Shock 100 Series

A multi-tool is a core piece that represents what an EDC is all about: Versatility.  The Black Leatherman WAVE  is no exception. The Wave has 17 tools – everything from needle-nose pliers to blades to bottle opener to spring-loaded scissors to diamond-coated file to screwdriver.  Not a day goes by, that I don’t pull this out of my pocket for one reason or another.

Leatherman Wave in Matte Black

The matte black F1 Ledlenser flashlight is less than 9cm in size and with a pocket clip is always on the side of my backpack. It is also virtually indestructible, meaning I can throw it at concrete without leaving any damage (to the flashlight). It also comes with a tactical ring meaning in an emergency situation I can even break glass.

Ledlenser F1R Flashlight

I use my Skullcandy “Ink’d” wireless earbuds almost every day when I run.  I use them because they are affordable, have great sound and because they don’t fall out of my ears no matter what speed I run at or what terrain I am running on. They also have a great global warranty, and my first pair that I bought while travelling in Utah have been replaced by head office.

Skullcandy Wireless earphones

Since I carry my keys everywhere I go, my keychain tool comes with me too. The Leatherman Black Squirt PS4 may be small but it has 9 tools including spring action pliers, a knife, and a screwdriver.

Leatherman Keychain Tool - Squirt PS4

Last but not least – one of my favourite pairs of sneakers made the list – the Nike Air Trainer 1 Low St ‘Safari Pack’. As you can see, they are well-loved, and well-worn.

Nike Air Trainer 1 Safari Pack


Nike Air Trainer 1 Safari Pack


*Disclaimer: My day job includes working with Hydro Flask and Leatherman Tool Group, but all opinions are my own.


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