My Closet: Air Max 1 Curry Premium Retro

First released in 2003, the Curry is on a lot of TOP TEN shoe lists.

Released as a simple coloured GR, the shoe originally came out in the golden era of Air Max 1s, when most people think Nike was using the best colours, materials and the best “shape” of the shoe itself.

This time around, Nike is keeping with the 30th Anniversary “Shape” on these and also released two additional new colourways; a “Red” Curry and a “Green” Curry.

This version is being called the “dark Curry” from Nike due to a slightly darker tone on the suede. ( See Air Max 1 Curry photos )

The Premium Retro dropped on May 10th with the two new colourways released on May 12th and can still be had in a few spots around the country.  I will need to pick up the red pair as well, as I’m a sucker for red sneakers. Check out Capsule for a few sizes still in stock.

Unboxing Nike Air Max 1 Curry Premium Retro

I was surprised to come into my office on the 10th and see a white box from Nike on my desk. Thanks Nike Toronto for sending me out a pair! They came just in time for a business trip to Halifax.

Air Max 2 Retro Premium






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