Latest Pickup: Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Aqua

I walked out of BAIT in Portland, with Aqua AM1’s and a couple be@rbrick’s from series 35, and plan to go back next time I am in town. See previous blog for photos of shop.

AM1 with Bearbrick

When photos of the Anniversary Aqua’s started popping up online, with word that they were not going to be a ladies exclusive this time, I knew I had to have them.

nike Air 30th Anniversary

The Aqua’s were originally released in 1988 as a woman’s only colourway, so I was surprised to see them released for the 30th year of the Air Max 1.  With my love of bright sneakers, they were a must for me.

Like the other Anniversary releases, these have a more original shape to them, and have just been updated material wise.

Air max 1 Anniversary - Aqua Am1s

Released in March in North America, I was happy to see them sitting in my size in BAIT, making it an easy pick-up choice for my shoe purchase for that business trip.





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