Sneaker Storage: A look inside my Sneaker Closet

For everyone that collects sneakers, space is always a big issue. Once the collection gets past 200 pairs, space becomes a HUGE issue.

For most collectors, saving shoe boxes is a priority.  A lot of people put almost as much emphasis on the box as they do what’s inside.

For me the boxes have never been a big deal.  Before I moved into our current house 10 years ago, I threw out ALL boxes that I had accumulated in the decade before.

It has always been about the shoes.  I would much rather walk into my closet and see the backs of my shoes, not just coloured boxes.

Backs of Nike Air

In the first month after I moved into my current house, we built the master bedroom walk-in closet to hold our clothes and 75 pairs of my sneakers. I use that area to house most of my Air Max and other shoes that remind me of my youth (yeah, I am old), like Bo’s and SC’s and a big chunk of my Puma Suede collection.

Once I found out that the Solutions stores sold “Drop Front” containers it was a no-brainer to start stocking up and building out a sneaker room. I have amassed probably 100 of the Drop Front Shoe Boxes, but now that Solutions has stopped selling them we no longer have a source up here in Canada.

Sneaker Closet - Storage

In the US, The Container Store is still the go-to place but their shipping over the border isn’t so friendly! Until I find a new source, the stacks of colourful shoe boxes will keep stacking up all over the house.


For a fun display in my office, where I can rotate out the sneakers on display, I use Shrine Rack shelves. (Looks like they no longer make these shelves, but they do make cool luggage and backpacks with sneaker compartments.) This office space always leads to a lot of questions from our clients, and vendors alike.

Shrine Rack at the Office


How do you store and display your shoes?




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