Lovebot Is Intended to Inspire Acts of Kindness

Since Valentines Day is coming up, I thought writing about Lovebot made sense.

I have been following Matthew Del Degan‘s work since I saw my first Lovebot in Graffiti Alley years ago. It was chrome painted and I have since seen over a dozen all over the city of Toronto. From construction sites to garage doors, from bridge supports to lamp posts, I have literally seen them in the most unexpected places.

Lovebot toy

My wife and I went to the pop-up shop hosted by Mindzai at the Shopify Toronto offices for the launch of the second Lovebot vinyl – the GOLD Lovebot.  Del Degan spoke at the event for 20 minutes addressing his fans, telling his story and the future of the brand.

What is the meaning behind Lovebot? The Lovebot character is used to symbolize the “Love Invasion” movement that aims to share love and kindness globally.  Del Degan invented the idea for the campaign and character after moving to Toronto and noting the actions of people on the subway and felt that people needed to express more compassion.

The Lovebots originally started as a street sticker campaign before launching and placing 100 2′ tall cement statues around the city of Toronto. Del Degan used concrete as his medium of choice because he felt it referenced Toronto’s urban architecture.

Each robot is dedicated to a person who has made a difference in some way and is intended to inspire others into performing additional acts of kindness. I have seen very few of the concrete Lovebots left around the city (Mindzai’s was even stolen from the front of their shop), and am looking forward to the next release later this year.


Lovebot Mindzai event

A call out to the Nike De La Soul Dunk Lows that I was wearing at the pop-up event at Shopify.

I am looking forward to the pop-up shop at Collabo Toronto later this month to see new artwork and pick up the missing Gold Lovebot Vinyl for my office.

Hey Matthew Del Degan! If you are reading this, put me down for a 2′ tall cement LoveBot when you release them later this year.



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