The Launch of Miix Footwear: One Shoe. 7+ Million Possibilities

Ever wanted to be a sneaker designer? Now is your chance to build a sneaker to your own imagination and style.

The idea behind miix footwear is simple:  a fully customizable sneaker that allows individuals to create a different look for every occasion, all using one common base. The Founder & CEO, Mayds Levy, explains the concept as “Lego for Footwear”.

I was lucky enough to attend a preview last month and see miix footwear firsthand. I was given a white base to work with, which isn’t really my colour, but it gave me the opportunity to see how the components fit together.

Mixx Footwear Components

First there is a base which is the foundation, and then you choose your insole/midsole, heel top, tongue, heel patch and strap, and laces.  Each piece connects with either a magnetic alignment system or a snap button assembly or velcro.  See video for a better look at how they all fit together.

Since I work in a design and marketing agency, I tend to notice the little details; From logo applications, to material textures, to colour subtleties and more.

Miix Footwear Details

Notice how the stitching pattern on the upper material matches the design of the rubber wrapped heel which also matches the design of the box. All in the details.


Since Miix Footwear are so easy to build, it is just up to your own imagination and creativity. I am looking forward to seeing all 7,429,968 possibilities come to life.





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